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All you have to know about tide in Venice

From 01-11-2019 to 31-01-2020

The situation here is not as dangerous as the media say.

This kind of event, as the one of  November 12th, happens once in a lifetime and usually it doesn’t reoccur for a long time.

All my apartments are in a XV century palace, on the second floor.

The tide came around midnight, so all my guests were sleeping and they realized what happened just the day after.

For me and my business no particular loss, except two hours extra time to wash and to clean the entrance from dirt and salt.

In order for you to feel comfortable approaching your vacations I would like to explain how the hight tide works.

1)  The measure. Whenever you listen from the media “Venice flooded on 1,87 meter” it doesn’t mean that on our “calli” (streets) you have this quantity of water.

2) You can consider high tide all the events over 1,20 meters.

3) The tide increases for 6 hours then it decreases for other 6 hours and so on. It means that in 24 hours you can consider 2 events and one of it will be for sure in night time.

4) Local people can lead regular life during the day until 1,30 meters high tide. They only wear plastic boots for a couple of hours.

5) For this reason, I’ll provide for all my guests, to give on arrival if necessary, plastic boots free of charge. On my opinion, this will be a great opportunity to see Venice under another point of view.

I really hope to have solved all your doubts.


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