From 01/01/2022 to 31/12/2025

Feast of the Redeemer in Venice

Venice experienced 4 waves of plague between 1348 and 1630.

There were thousands of deaths which prompted the government to establish the “lazarets“, places where the sick were kept in isolation.

After the third wave, a church dedicated to Christ the Redeemer was erected on the Giudecca Island as a plea for divine help. The church was designed by Palladio and built between 1577 and 1592.

The following year the city was finally declared free of disease, and so the Doge made the promise that every year, on the day Venice was freed from the terrible pestilence, a procession would be held to the new votive church.

On the third Sunday of July the tradition of building a 330-meter pontoon bridge to facilitate the pilgrimage to the Basilica, is still honored.

On the previous night (on Saturday) a firework display takes place in the basin in front Saint Mark ‘s Square, and the weekend ends with a gondola regatta.

The feast of the Redeemer is deeply felt, especially by the residents.

It is a popular tradition to start mooring in the Saint Mark’s basin as early as late afternoon, all boats are usually brightly decorated for the celebration, local dishes are prepared (Sarde in saor, creamed cod, risi e bisi, etc.)  and people enjoy singing and dancing till the start of the “Foghi”. (fireworks)

From a raft moored near the Giudecca Island, at a safe distance from the boats, the fireworks display begins at 11.30 pm sharp.

Such an impressive event that will certainly leave you awestruck in just the same way it has always amazed all Venetians.

On Saturday, just for our guests, Ca’ Sant’Angelo Apartments organizes an outing in the San Marco Basin by private luxury boats with only 8 seats available. Seated comfortably on leather sofas you can enjoy the unique view of   this spectacular event.

Imagine yourself in this motionless mirror of water, enveloped by the night and illuminated by the stars … we are just waiting for you to join us.







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