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Some information for the Venice Carnival

Some information for the Venice Carneval

I’m Paolo, the host of Ca’ Sant’Angelo apartments, your companion in discovering the city and  giving you some information for the Venice Carneval!

It’s the most magical time of the year, the Venice Carnival, and we can’t wait to share all the joy and energy of this unique festival with you.

Picture waking up in a beautiful apartment in the heart of Venice, inside a historic 15th-century palace. Yes, you heard it right, our palace has a history longer than you can imagine, and we’re ready to make you feel a part of it.

Our tourist apartments, all located on the same floor, offer you an authentic Venetian experience.

No modern elevators, just stairs that tell stories of centuries past. Imagine walking on original period floors and looking out the windows to admire the canals and bridges that make Venice so unique.

But now, some information for the Venice Carneval: this festival, with its elegant masks and sumptuous costumes, transforms the city into a magical stage.

And what better way to join in than attending private parties inside historic palaces? Please check the following link of Veneto Inside where you acn find location and prices of the most imprtant private events.

From Ca’ Sant’Angelo, you can easily immerse yourself in the Carnival atmosphere.

Every alley, every square, will be the stage for unique performances. And when you need to rest, our apartments will be the oasis of tranquility you’re looking for.

We are ready to make your stay special. We organize exclusive private parties for our guests, with masks, music, and authentic Venetian food.

You’ll feel an integral part of the celebration, not just spectators but protagonists of this extraordinary experience.

Moreover, we’ll be delighted to guide you to the best Carnival events, from the traditional Flight of the Angel in St. Mark’s Square to the mask parades on the Grand Canal.

And, of course, don’t forget to savor Venetian culinary specialties in the local restaurants we’ll recommend.

The Venice Carnival is an experience not to be missed, and Ca’ Sant’Angelo is your ticket to the heart of this unique celebration. We can’t wait to welcome you and share the magic of Venice during this extraordinary time.

Book your stay with us, and get ready to experience the Carnival like never before!

Some information for the Venice Carneval

Our last chances are:

STUDIO RIALTO (city view) 2 people Febray 5th  3 nights  412,00 euro

DELUXE APARTMENT LA SALUTE (garden vierw) 2 people February 6th  2 nights  323,00 euro

DELUXE APARTMENT WITH TERRACE CITY VIEW SAN GIORGIO 2 people February 4th until February 8th  min stay 2 nights 333,00 euro from February 9th  2 people  4 nights 1071,00 euro


Ca' Sant'Angelo apartments Venezia, Carnevale di Venezia

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Apartments in Venice last minute

Apartments in Venice last minute

Why don’t you take advantage to book our luxury place, just few steps away from the main San Marco Square. Please check our on line availability and select apartments in Venice last minute option.

If you can come by car we will provide to book a safe parkig place just outside Venice. From there a complimentary shuttle takes you to Venice island

If you come by train we can provide a private pick up with English speaking assistant and private water taxi (90,00 euro), or you can take public transportation every 12 minutes (9,50 euro per person).

If you come by plane we can provide for a private pick up with an English speaking assistant and private transportation (140,00 euro in day time) or you can tale public service Alilaguna Orange line (16,00 euro per person plus 3,00 euro each bag).

Ringing our mobile +39 338 8117699 or sending an email to info@casantangelo.com we can reply to all your questions, organizing a tailored Venice holiday.




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Planning a vacation to Venice


Let yourself be advised by those who live the city every day. Planning a Vacation to Venice could be not so easy.

We, at Ca’ Sant’Angelo apartments, born and raised in Venice, will always recommend new itineraries and things to do.

First of all, if you come by car, you have to find a smart location for it. Our suggestion is to leave the car just outside Venice on a smart parking place (please contact us by email info@casantangelo.com or by phone +39 338 8117699). From here you can take advantage of a free shuttle to/from Venice island.

From the visit to the last gold leaf striker left in Italy, to the Venetian rowing course.

Together with professionals rowing,  you will learn the techniques used by gondoliers to navigate the Venetian canals.

We will suggest bacari and restaurants and together we will build an unforgettable holiday.

We will advise you where to buy fresh fish at the Rialto market and how to create simple and quick dishes to cook.

Did you know that there are only 4 bridges to cross the Canal Grande?

Alternatively there are 3 other “traghetti” that can cross the Grand Canal.

The “traghetti”  are larger gondolas, used to transport passengers from one side to the other of the Gran Canal


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Early booking for Venice apartment

Early booking for Venice apartment


Why don’t you take advantage of the special offer: “Early booking for a Venice apartment”?

If you book our apartments at least 120 days in advance, you will find more choice and the most convenient price for your holidays.

We remind you that our cancelation policy is 14 days before arrival, so you will be always in time to make some change.

Buying this option you will be gifted with an amazing bottle of Prosecco (please write on the note FREE BOTTLE OF PROSECCO).

Enter the arrival date and the number of days you want to spend then press the green button. The system will offer you the best price

As soon as we receive your reservation, we will immediately get in touch with you.

We will help you planning your arrival stress free and, offer you the best solution for local transport or private pick up with English speaking assistant.

From 01/10/2022 to 31/12/2023

Luxury apartments near La Fenice in Venice

Luxury apartments near La Fenice in Venice

If you are going to spend a last-minute holiday in our Luxury apartments near La Fenice in Venice, this is the right place to book.

Check our free dates on the next 30 days and you will get the best on line price

We can help you organizing transfers by private boat from Piazzale Roma or from the Santa Lucia train station to our apartments.

We can also arrange from Marco Polo or Treviso airport.

In this case you will be welcomed by our English speaking assistant.

Enter the arrival date and the number of days you want to spend then press the green button “BOOK NOW” and our website will offer you the best price.

We will be in touch with you quickly in order to organize a stress free way to join our apartments.

At the check in we inform you about restaurants, tours, and some alternative way to discover our beautiful city as “Eat like a local in Venice – Food and Wine tour”.

We have been working in hospitality in Venice since 2004 and for many of our customers we have become the point of reference for their holidays in Venice: we hope we can be for you too.