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Some information for the Venice Carneval

I’m Paolo, the host of Ca’ Sant’Angelo apartments, your companion in discovering the city and  giving you some information for the Venice Carneval!

It’s the most magical time of the year, the Venice Carnival, and we can’t wait to share all the joy and energy of this unique festival with you.

Picture waking up in a beautiful apartment in the heart of Venice, inside a historic 15th-century palace. Yes, you heard it right, our palace has a history longer than you can imagine, and we’re ready to make you feel a part of it.

Our tourist apartments, all located on the same floor, offer you an authentic Venetian experience.

No modern elevators, just stairs that tell stories of centuries past. Imagine walking on original period floors and looking out the windows to admire the canals and bridges that make Venice so unique.

But now, some information for the Venice Carneval: this festival, with its elegant masks and sumptuous costumes, transforms the city into a magical stage.

And what better way to join in than attending private parties inside historic palaces? Please check the following link of Veneto Inside where you acn find location and prices of the most imprtant private events.

From Ca’ Sant’Angelo, you can easily immerse yourself in the Carnival atmosphere.

Every alley, every square, will be the stage for unique performances. And when you need to rest, our apartments will be the oasis of tranquility you’re looking for.

We are ready to make your stay special. We organize exclusive private parties for our guests, with masks, music, and authentic Venetian food.

You’ll feel an integral part of the celebration, not just spectators but protagonists of this extraordinary experience.

Moreover, we’ll be delighted to guide you to the best Carnival events, from the traditional Flight of the Angel in St. Mark’s Square to the mask parades on the Grand Canal.

And, of course, don’t forget to savor Venetian culinary specialties in the local restaurants we’ll recommend.

The Venice Carnival is an experience not to be missed, and Ca’ Sant’Angelo is your ticket to the heart of this unique celebration. We can’t wait to welcome you and share the magic of Venice during this extraordinary time.

Book your stay with us, and get ready to experience the Carnival like never before!

Some information for the Venice Carneval

Our last chances are:

STUDIO RIALTO (city view) 2 people Febray 5th  3 nights  412,00 euro

DELUXE APARTMENT LA SALUTE (garden vierw) 2 people February 6th  2 nights  323,00 euro

DELUXE APARTMENT WITH TERRACE CITY VIEW SAN GIORGIO 2 people February 4th until February 8th  min stay 2 nights 333,00 euro from February 9th  2 people  4 nights 1071,00 euro


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