The last goldbeater in Venice

The last craftsman in Europe who still beat the gold leaf exclusively by hand lives and works in Venice.

This noble metal is made into very thin sheets (a few microns)to be used for gilding in art and design.

The Punta della Dogana ball and the Angel of the Saint Mark Bell Tower are the main examples of this technique here in Venice.

But there are also other ways to use gold leaf such as cooking and cosmetics.

Since ancient times this rare material has been used to decorate food. Over the years, reaching very strict production standards, it has also been certified as an edible food product.

Furthermore, research has shown an “anti-aging” effect of the golden leaf as a beauty treatment.

The gold leaf is applied directly to the skin and by massaging into it, it can reduce the depth of wrinkles.

During your stay at Ca’ Saint ’Angelo Apartments, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Marino’s workshop.

In this place the famous painter Tiziano Vecellio lived all his life.

Marino and his family will be happy to welcome you and to take you through the various stages of the production of the gold leaf.

You will certainly enjoy a unique experience in a unique city.