Saint Valentine, Patron Saint of lovers

Valentine’s Day, the feast of lovers and their Patron Saint Valentine is celebrated every year on February 14.

There are many legends about this Christian martyr named Saint Valentine who was once bishop of Terni.

According to one story, he gave a sum of money to a poor girl to get married.

The latter, in fact, without his donation would not have had a dowry available for her marriage and would have become an outcast.

Another story has it that Valentino reconciled two lovers who were arguing by giving them a red rose.

He advised them both to hold the rose by the stem, paying attention to the thorns and praying for their union.

A few days later, the same couple asked him to have their wedding blessed.

When the news started to spread many lovers went on a pilgrimage to the bishop to get their relationship blessed.

His popularity did not suit many and for this reason, he was taken out of Terni to be tortured and later beheaded on February 14, 273 AD.

Today the celebration of Saint Valentine, Patron Saint of lovers, has lost much of its religious meaning becoming an important day for many to celebrate their love.

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